“All the beauty in the world can be interpreted by Steinway.”

Lily Xiangbaihe Xie

At age seven, Lily started to learn her first instrument, the Gu Zheng, after discovering her passion for music at a music salon. As she continued to pursue her love for music, she began to learn the piano at age ten. She also showed great interest in figure skating, where she won many medals in the series of competitions of the Asian Skating Association (ISIAsia) club. In 2018, she won the “Canadian Young Artist” award for her excellence and improvement in her musical ability. Besides enjoying and sharing music, she served as the host of the children's reading program of Seattle Chinese radio in the United States in 2020. She introduced many Western literary classics to local Chinese, including “Jane Eyre”, “Wuthering Heights”, and “Around the World in Eighty Days”. In addition, she is also a member of Surrey Youth Stewardship Squad, which is an organization that protects the local environment by planting trees, removing invasive plants, and raising others’ awareness of environmental issues. She had also committed herself to the community charity performance and fund-raising performance for Vancouver Hospital. In August 2022, she held her first recital, “East Meeting West”, where she played the Gu Zheng and the piano separately, and performed both instruments simultaneously by using the playback feature of Steinway Spirio | r. In October 2022, she held “East Meeting West II” where she not only performed the pieces from the previous recital but also featured many other musicians, including the British Columbia Girls Choir and other string players. Lily is a Young Steinway Artist.






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