“I was so stunned after the first time I heard my piano professor's concert, which was performed on a Steinway D in Boston's Jordan Hall. I wondered how he could make so many different tones and sounds and do so much on that piano, and I wanted to know how I could produce such sounds myself on my piano. When I asked him about this, he told me how important it is to practice learning these skills on Steinway pianos, especially if I wish to become a future professional pianist. He said the Steinway will make a difference allowing my ears to be able to hear the difference in tones and sounds, and these are needed to enable me to become a better pianist. In discussing this with another world renowned pianist, he not only totally agreed with what my professor said, but he even shared with me about his personal experiences from his own performing and teaching career using Steinway pianos. I was totally convinced, and started to dream that someday I must own a Steinway and Sons grand piano.” My dream came true much faster than I expected when my parents bought me not only a Steinway, but a Steinway grand B! You could not imagine how thrilled I was when the piano was delivered to our house. I play my Steinway all day long which makes my house come alive with classical music. Even my neighbors expressed how much they enjoy the new sounds of the piano. I can never enjoy enough of such a fine crafted and designed piano; especially providing me the flexibility to work on learning different tones and sounds. This piano has truly changed the way I listen to and learn music. It has brought music to a new level for me and I love it more and more each day. I can never appreciate Steinway and Sons enough for providing such a wonderful instrument for me at my age. I realize I can continue to enjoy this piano for the rest of my life! It will even be one the most valuable things I will be able to pass on to future generations!"

Vanessa Meiling Haynes






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