“There is no better way to convey the heart, than to play with a Steinway”

Yiming Huan

Young Steinway Artist Yiming Huan was born in China, where she spent the majority of her musical education. She attended the Nanjing University of the Arts and the Conservatory of Shanghai, where she received the Shanghai International Competition Award (Piano div. 1st prize). She worked in the Nanjing Normal University for 2 years, where she published many of her core essays on piano. In 2012, she was listed as a Famous Artist of China, in the national stamp series; and later received the Top 100 excellence award in China.

Yiming later emigrated to Canada where she studied piano with Jacques Després. She received a full scholarship from the University of Alberta, where she completed her Masters Degree in Music Performance, before moving to Vancouver to continue her education. In 2017, she established the HYMUSIC academy, and became a Crescendo International (U.S) Competition Certified Teacher. Many of her students have been awarded prizes, including first prize at the Canadian Music Competition. She performs with many of her students in venues including Carnegie Hall and the Vienna Musikvereinplatz In Austria. She is listed as an RCM top tier teacher.

Her academy, HYMUSIC is a Steinway select studio, and serves hundred of students and teachers in Vancouver and abroad. The academy is expanding exponentially under her guidance.

Yiming describes her approach to music making and teaching, saying: "I have a strong passion for playing music and teaching music. To me: music is not about the songs themselves, but how music becomes a part of our lives, changing the way we feel and live. To help encourage others into a musical career, gives them not only the skills to play music; but it gives their lives a fuller, richer meaning. Knowing that I am able to pass the torch onto other students, keeps the passion and fire within alive. It is my mission to deliver the best education I possibly can, and to turn students into young aspiring artists."






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